Emergency Sewer & Drain Service for the Anchorage Area

In Anchorage the One Stop Services name is synonymous with honest, expert sewer and drain service and emergency maintenance. On any given day our fleet of service vehicles and knowledgeable techs are deployed around the area finding and fixing problems, and we can tackle your sewer and drain emergencies, too.

Whether you simply need your lines located, a camera inspection performed, or an all-out cleaning or emergency repair, we'll be there to make things right!

Don't hesitate while your sewer or drain emergency gets worse! 

Call (907) 338-5563

Sewer & Drain Cleaning

  • Hydro-jetting
  • Rooting
  • Steam Thawing

Sewer & Drain Repair

  • Faucet and toilet repair and replacement
  • Above- and below-ground pipe repair and replacement

On-site Inspection

  • In-line camera inspections using fiber optics
  • Sewage, Drain and Utility line location


  • Scheduled septic tank pumping
  • Grease trap and inteceptor pumping
  • Rain leader cleaning