Grease Trap Cleaning


A grease trap plays a critical role in your food service operation. Proper grease trap cleaning and maintenance is a MUST to keep your operations running efficiently! A grease interceptor and trap’s entire purpose is to protect the city sewage system and environment.

Issues caused by infrequent grease trap cleaning/maintenance: 

  • Foul Odors
  • Clogs, Back-ups and flooding
  • Customer Complaints
  • Contamination and Health issues
  • Business Closure


Why can’t I empty my grease trap myself?

You could, but since the waste is usually liquid or semi-liquid, you’re limited to a maximum quantity of one gallon in municipal solid waste landfills. (18 AAC 60.360)

Individual landfills could be even more strict. We invite you to check out a brochure created by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation: How Can I Dispose of Used Cooking Oils and Fats? 

Title 18 Chapter 60 of the Alaska State Regulations is where you’ll find all the legal jargon you could want regarding Solid Waste Management in our great State.


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